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As an accrediting agency, the GMDC and its survey teams are responsible for making determinations about whether a medical school meets the requirements of the GMDC Accreditation Standards. Any student who believes that a school’s actions or policies indicate noncompliance with the GMDC Standards can bring the issue to the attention of the GMDC by submitting a formal complaint about the school. This can be done at any time.

Individual’s concern relative to the accreditation standards
  • Complainants are asked provide a written statement outlining the individual’s concern relative to the accreditation standards, information about the student’s attempt to resolve the matter using the medical school’s stated grievance procedures, the student’s name and contact information, and to give the Council permission to share the complaint with the medical school should the GMDC determine that the complaint should be pursued. The Council will not be able to proceed with the complaint and seek a response from the medical school unless it has the student’s permission to share the actual complaint as well as any supporting documentation. Please include with your complaint a statement granting GMDC such permission.
Anonymous/ student complaints
  • Anonymous complaints will not be considered.
  • GMDC will acknowledge receipt of the student’s complaint within fifteen (15) calendar days.
  • The GMDC will act only on complaints about programme quality that may, if substantiated, indicate areas of non-compliance with its Standards. The Council does not address or review complaints from individuals regarding personal issues including matters of admission, grades, application of academic policies, or disciplinary matters, unless the matter presents facts and allegations that if true, would constitute a violation of its Standards. Further, the Council will not consider complaints that are currently being considered within the medical school’s grievance process or matters that are in litigation.
Complaints review
  • If the GMDC receives a student complaint alleging facts that could reasonably be interpreted to indicate that the school is not in compliance with its Standards, the Council will assign an impartial member or their designee, to review the complaint, including as necessary, requesting information and/or documentation necessary to consider the issues outlined in the student’s complaint. The reviewer will offer a recommendation to the Council as to whether the complaint should be pursued based on evidence of possible noncompliance with GMDC Standards. If the recommendation is to pursue the complaint, the Council will share a copy of the complaint with the chief academic official of the school and request a written response. The Council will review the school’s response and then issue a formal written decision containing its findings with respect to the complaint to the student and the medical school’s chief academic official. The written decision will detail any reporting requirements or other remedial actions deemed appropriate by the Council.

If you need to amend your complaint please email GMDC at and provide your full name, details of the complaint, and any supporting documentation

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