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GMDC’s mission with respect to its accreditation function is to promote excellence and integrity in medical education through an independent and rigorous accreditation process that assures the public of the quality of medical education offered in Grenada and to foster improvement of its accredited medical schools.


The attainment of accreditation from GMDC demonstrates that a medical school has met GMDC’s requirements and that its graduates possess the skills and competencies necessary to provide quality medical care, engage in lifelong learning, and demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and ethics in the practice of medicine.

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We promote excellence. Our approach, the standards we set, and the quality we ensure, provides every opportunity for students to receive a high quality medical education leading to a successful medical career.




Our Experts are at the heart of GMDC Accreditation Secretariat , and their devotion and long-term commitment ensure the highest quality of programs.

International Recognition

The National Committee for Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation
(NCFMEA) has granted comparability status to Grenada. 

This means that the medical education programmes and the standards used to evaluate them are comparable to those used by medical schools in the United States of America.

A Grant of Comparability by the NCFMEA enables American students attending
medical schools in Grenada to access federal (Title IV) loans to support their study
and medical career goals. (See most recent Comparability Letter here) The World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) evaluates medical education accreditation agencies. Agencies found to be compliant with WFME standards are granted recognition. An agency with WFME Recognition is internationally recognized. Additionally, by 2024 ECFMG certification for practice in America will be predicated upon students’ attendance to a medical institution
accredited by a WFME recognized accreditation agency. GMDC has already applied for WFME Recognition and anticipates the WFME Recognition visit to occur during the first quarter of 2022 (March/April). 

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