Welcome to the Grenada Medical and Dental Council

By regulating the registration of health practitioners and reviewing and accrediting medical education programs, the GMDC promotes the highest standard of professional healthcare and medical education in Grenada.

License & Registration

Steps to Becoming Accredited

Accreditation from the Council signifies that the medical programme in question has satisfied established standards and measures of quality of medical education comparable to the standards of medical accreditation employed in the United States, and consistent with other international norms of accreditation.


History of the GMDC

Enacted in 2010, the Health Practitioners Act (“the Act”) establishes the Grenada Medical and Dental Council (“the GMDC” or “the Council”) as the entity responsible to oversee and “confer...with educational institutions with respect to the education of persons in the practice of the medical or dental profession” and “to promote high standards in the practice of medicine and dentistry” in Grenada.

News Update

GMDC Response to Upcoming ECFMG Requirement for International Medical Graduates

By Shane Mcquilkin | January 13, 2021

The Grenada Medical and Dental Council applauds the men and women whose life’s ambition is focused on healing and prolonging…


Register with the Grenada Medical & Dental Council

Medical professionals wishing to practice in Grenada are required to apply and become a valid member of the Grenada Medical and Dental Council