Message From the Executive Director

Dear reader, please allow me the honor to welcome you to our website. The Grenada Medical and Dental Council (GMDC) was established in 2010 by the Health Practitioner’s Act. Initially, the Council’s mandate was primarily to register and license medical and dental practitioners throughout the State of Grenada.

In 2019, via the Health Practitioner’s amendment Act, the GMDC was given the authority to undertake a vital and exciting function: to accredit medical education programmes in Grenada. Under this new edict, the Council must ensure that all medical education programmes that lead to an MD degree (or its equivalent) in Grenada meet or exceed appropriate quality standards and educational requirements for the benefit of current and prospective students, healthcare organizations, and the public at large. GMDC’s stamp of accreditation affirms that graduates of a medical education programme that it accredits possess the skills, competencies, and knowledge needed to become competent medical practitioners in Grenada, the United States, or wherever they choose to practice medicine.

In September 2019, the National Commission on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation (NCFMEA) determined that the standards, guidelines, policies and processes being used by Grenada’s ministries of Education and Health, executed through the GMDC,for medical education programme accreditation were comparable to the standards and processes being used to accredit medical schools in the United States This is patently significant to us, as we aspire to be a world-class organization, that through its work, supports the institutions that we accredit to deliver quality medical education for the benefit of all humanity.

In July 2022, the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) recognized GMDC’s accreditation programme for a full ten years until June 30, 2032. This followed a thorough examination of our agency’s accreditation documents and witnessing firsthand our processes as executed during site visits and decision-making meetings. This was a huge, but expected achievement for our agency, predicated upon the rigor and robustness of the Council’s standards, guidelines, policies, processes as well as our QA mechanisms. Notwithstanding this significant milestone, our agency recognizes the dynamism of medical education accreditation and as a consequence, we will continue to refine our documents and further develop our quality assurance processes to ensure that the programmes we accredit deliver the highest quality of medical education.

As an accreditation agency, GMDC is committed to forging meaningful memberships and partnerships with key regional and international organizations. These collaborations we envision, will help to further enhance our processes, attain regional and international recognition and ensure the delivery of high-quality medical education; all with the ultimate aim of advancing humanity.

Thank you and best wishes.
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