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To provide for the registration and regulation of health practitioners, and for other related matters.

Mission Statement

To protect the public by ensuring that all doctors and dentist are duly registered and licensed to practice in a professional, safe and competent manner through the promotion of high standards and professionalism thereby facilitation the continuing competence of health practitioners thereby developing public confidence for the medical and dental profession.

General Information

The council is an autonomous body guided by Cap 132A of the Laws of Grenada and the Minister of Health. The council is managed by an eight man membership and an Administrative Secretary. The Council’s office is located at the Grand Anse Medical Center, the Limes.

Specific Information

All doctors and dentist applying to be registered and licensed must fill the appropriate forms available at the Council’s office.

Registration is one-off for all Nationals and Caricom citizens with CME certificate. Without CME certificate, work permit must be had. Extra-regional and International applicants must comply with the migration and labor laws.

Licensure is every three years and is obtained by application on the appropriate form accompanied with documentation of proof of continuing education and current practice coverage.

A doctor or dentist must first be registered before he/she is licensed. They are all issued temporary licensure.

Volunteering doctors or dentist or teams of either profession must be registered and licensed. they are all issued temporary licensure.

The Council guided by the law may waive payments for these professionals on the basis that they are providing services free to the state through the Ministry of Health and are covered by the Ministry or one of the known organizations. Both are responsible for supervising their work for the specified period of time.


M-F: 9:00am – 3:30pm


1st Floor, Grand Anse Medical Centre, The Limes Grand Anse,
St. George’s, Grenada




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